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The Monographs collection, spanning three and a half centuries of Canadian documentary history, holds rich primary materials exploring a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Read more »

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Serials: Periodicals, Annuals and Newspapers

The Serials collection includes a wide range of dailies, weeklies, specialized journals and mass-market magazines, as well as city directories and annual reports from churches, schools, and corporations. Read more »

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Government Publications

The Government Publications collection includes over 1.7 million pages of historical pre-1920 colonial, provincial and federal government documents. Read more »

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The Maps collection currently contains nearly 22,000 Canadian maps digitized from the 1:50,000 scale National Topographic Series. The maps date from 1905 to 2012 and cover all of the Canadian provinces and territories. Read more »

Statement on problematic content and descriptions in Canadiana

The Canadiana Collections contain content created over five centuries that tell an incomplete, oftentimes distorted and, sometimes harmful, story of Canada. The content, metadata, and resource descriptions in the Canadiana Collections contain language that reflects the biases, norms, and perspectives of the time in which they were created. This includes harmful and offensive wording, cultural references, and stereotypes. In order to accurately reflect the attitudes and viewpoints of the time in which these historical records were created, objects in the Canadiana collections are unchanged. In recognition of the harmful or painful impact of language and images, CRKN staff are actively committed to:

  • support and actively participate in efforts to update and change international standards for descriptions to ensure that descriptions are inclusive, respectful, and do not cause harm
  • replace inappropriate language in the metadata and resource descriptions introduced during legacy cataloguing practices

This is an ongoing process.

If you see records with inappropriate language or content that you think CRKN should review, please fill out our Review Submission Form.