Serials: Periodicals, Annuals and Newspapers

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The Serials collection includes a wide range of dailies, weeklies, specialized journals and mass-market magazines, as well as city directories and annual reports from churches, schools, and corporations. Specialized publications include trade or industry journals in addition to popular magazines catering to various demographics: men, women, students, children, and diverse ethnolinguistic communities. Early periodicals are an invaluable source of information for researchers in all fields, as they offer a remarkable record of thought and opinion on diverse issues facing society. Lavishly-illustrated journals open a captivating window onto early Canadian society and culture through their articles, advertisements, cartoons, drawings and photographs.

Size: 1,700 periodical titles with 95,000 issues; 255 annual titles with 1,100 issues; 330 newspaper titles on 2,000 reels of film

Selection criteria: Serials contains annuals up to 1900, periodicals up to 1920 and newspapers up to 1930. The periodicals subset draws heavily on the Early Canadian Periodicals project, which worked closely with an Advisory Committee to determine the collection parameters and scanning priorities.


Collection highlights:

  • All annuals and periodicals microfilmed by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM)
  • All periodicals available on Early Canadiana Online (ECO)
  • Serials recently added to our collection and are not available on ECO or in the CIHM fiche collection
  • Local, trade, religious, and student newspapers and journals
  • City directories and annual reports from churches, schools, businesses and other organizations
  • Specialized periodicals devoted to a wide range of topics: literature, medicine, science and technology, education, agriculture, business, recreation and sports, politics, religion, history, law, the military, music, genealogy, books and publishing, economics, fashion, philately, photography, humour, psychology, transportation, etc