Trustworthy Digital Repository

The Trustworthy Digital Repository (TDR) is a reliable and integrated digital preservation system in which deposited content can be identified, collected, managed, and kept secure over time. The TDR provides a permanent capability to preserve the documentary heritage digitized through projects, as well as content already digitized or born-digital, and content received from project partners.

Preservation Committments is committed to providing members and stakeholders with enduring access to its own collections and to the long-term preservation of all of the images and metadata of which they are comprised. This includes ensuring that content continues to be accessible as file formats, application platforms and other technologies evolve over time, while ensuring the integrity of the original digital formats.

For material deposited in the TDR by a client, is committed to the long-term preservation of that content, including all accompanying metadata, in the same format provided, such that the client can always be assured of being able to retrieve exactly what was deposited. commits to applying the same standards and practices for ensuring long-term preservation and access as it does for its own content, and to providing online access in a manner consistent with the client’s requirements.

Preservation Policy and Strategy preserves only digital information. It accepts digital material directly, but also provides digitization services if necessary. Paper or other non-digital originals are returned to source. Metadata describing the data and creating access points to it is also preserved. delivers online access to the content by providing general portals as well as provider-specific portals. User access eligibility is defined by the provider of the content.


The following public documentation describing our standards and practices for digitization, ingest and TDR preservation: