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Progrès (Morinville, Alb.)
Le Progrès
Morinville [Alb.] : [éditeur non identifié], [1909-1913]
Canadiens français -- Alberta -- Journaux
Journaux canadiens-français -- Alberta -- Morinville
French Canadians -- Alberta -- Newspapers
Canadian newspapers (French) -- Alberta -- Morinville
Morinville (Alta.) -- Journaux
Morinville (Alb.) -- Newspapers
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"Notre Religion, Notre Langue, Nos Droits."
"Colonisation, Education, Politique, Nouvelles.
"Wilfrid Gariépy, Liberal candidate and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Saint-Albert, founded the French language newspaper "Le Progrès" in Morinville, in 1909, to promote his campaign. The first issue was published February 27. Gariépy sold "Le Progrès" in March 1909 to T.L. Girard and J. Adolphe Nantel. Romuald Morin then bought the journal in April, keeping J.A. Nantel as editor. In October the journal was sold to Omer Saint-Germain. The newspaper was bought back by Gariépy in 1912, who joined Saint-Germain in establishing the Progressive Printing Company Limited. The journal was issued by then in 2000 copies, competing with another weekly French journal, "Le Courrier de l'Ouest". The journal's declared mission was to promote the settlement in Alberta among the French-Canadians and other francophones and to defend their interests; it was also openly supportive for the Liberal party. In December 1913, considering that the scope of his journal was larger than just the county of Saint-Albert, Gariépy changed its name to "Le Progrès Albertain". However the newspaper came to a sudden end when on August 19, 1915, its editor published on the first page a picture of Gariépy and a supporting article bringing evidence that Gariépy had done more damage to the recognition of the French language than the Orangists ever had. Gariépy was at that time attending a conference in San Francisco as provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs and never published another issue. Other factors may have influenced the decision to shut down the paper, which consisted of only four pages, particularly the competition for a small market during the wartime years." Cf. Internet, Alberta on Record, Le Progrès Albertain.
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Numéros reproduits: 29 avril 1909; 19 mai 1909; 7 aôut 1913-28 août 1913; 11 septembre 1913-27 novembre 1913.
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Paraît depuis le 27 févr. 1909. Cf. Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982.
A cessé de paraître avec Vol. V, No. 39 (27 novembre 1913)
Les livraisons de 21 à 28 août 1913 (Vol. V, No. 25-26) comportent une numérotation fautive: Vol. V, No. 24-Vol. V, No. 25.
La livraison de 2 octobre (Vol. 5, No. 31) comporte une numérotation fautive: Vol. 5, No. 30 (2 october 1913)
Reproduction de: Progrès, [Montréal : Socami, [19--]. bobine de microfilm ; 35 mm. Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, Ottawa.
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