Parliamentary debates, Dominion of Canada, third session, 33 Victoriae, 1870

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Canada. Parliament.
Cotton debates.
Parliamentary debates, Dominion of Canada, third session, 33 Victoriae, 1870
Canada. Parliament -- Publication of proceedings.
Canada. Parlement -- Compte rendu des débats.
Legislative bodies -- Canada -- Publication of proceedings.
Parlements -- Canada -- Compte rendu des débats.
Canada -- Politics and government -- 1867-1896.
Canada -- Politique et gouvernement -- 1867-1896.
Title from title screen.
Contains debates of both Houses.
Generally known as the Cotton debates as they were reported by John Cotton, a reporter for the Ottawa Times.
"Between 1870 and 1872 John Cotton of the Ottawa Times compiled a three volume set of Parliamentary Debates which are unofficial, non-verbatim from the two newspapers [Ottawa Times and Toronto Globe]. These are now known as the Cotton Debates. In addition the Library of Parliament compiled scrapbooks of the Debates from 1867-68 to 1874. Three volumes of these Scrapbook Debates have been edited by Dr. Peter Waite and published by the Library of Parliament [see CIHM no. 9_08054]"--Bishop, Olga.
Canadian official publications.
In double columns, each paged separately.
1 online resource
Includes index.
Bishop, O.B. Canadian official publications, pages 87, 91
Volume 1 of a 3 volume set. For individual volumes in the set see CIHM nos. 9_89586 - 9_89588.
Government Publications