Journals of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada ...

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Canada. Legislature. Legislative Council.
Journals of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada ... .
Kingston [Ont.] : R. Stanton, 1841-1866.
Canada. Legislature. Legislative Council -- Periodicals.
Canada. Législature. Conseil législatif -- Périodiques.
Legislative journals -- Canada.
Legislative bodies -- Canada -- Publication of proceedings.
Journaux des débats -- Canada.
Parlements -- Canada -- Compte rendu des débats.
Title from title screen.
Libraries from which the original issues have been borrowed are identified on the microfiche.
Imprint varies.
Also available in French. See CIHM no. 9_00969.
Volume 8 (1849) lacks an appendix and v. 12 (1854) contains the Sessional Papers (appendix) for that year.
From 1841 to 1859, most of the journals have two appendices each. One appendix is found with the journal. The second, larger appendix (called the Sessional Papers) is published separately. It has exactly the same content as the Appendix to the Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada (CIHM no. 9_00955). To avoid duplication, only the latter appendix has been scanned. After 1859, these appendices appeared in the series entitled Sessional Papers (CIHM no. 9_01607)
1st Parl., 1st sess. (1841)-8th Parl., 5th sess. (1866)
Some issues include index.
Bishop, O.B. Publications of the government of the Province of Canada, 1841-1867, p. 62
v. ; 25-34 cm.
Continued in part by: Lower Canada. Special Council. Journals of the Special Council of the province of Lower Canada ... (CIHM no. 9_00944)
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