The Canadian Municipal Journal.

Available issues: 115

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Union of Canadian Municipalities.
Canadian municipal journal (Montréal, Quebec : 1905)
The Canadian Municipal Journal.
Union of Canadian Municipalities -- Periodicals.
Union des municipalités canadiennes -- Périodiques.
Cities and towns -- Canada -- Periodicals.
Municipal government -- Canada -- Periodicals.
Municipal corporations -- Canada -- Periodicals.
Villes -- Canada -- Périodiques.
Administration municipale -- Canada -- Périodiques.
Municipalités -- Canada -- Périodiques.
Began publication in January 1905; ceased with issue for July 1922.
Cover title varies slightly; slight variations in caption title.
Some issues lack front and back covers and some pages of advertising.
Organ of: The Union of Canadian Municipalities, 1905-1922; Union of Manitoba Municipalities, Aug. 1905-Sept. 1909; Chief Constables's Association of Canada, Sept. 1905-Sept. 1909; Union of British Columbia Municipalities, Oct. 1905-Sept. 1909; Union of Alberta Municipalities, Mar. 1906-Sept. 1909; Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, Sept. 1906- Sept. 1909; Union of Saskatchewan Municipalities, Dec. 1906-Sept. 1909; Union of New Brunswick Municipalities, Mar. 1907-Sept. 1909; and Canadian Independent Telephone Association, Apr. 1908-May 1913; and Chief Constables' Association of Canada.
Includes advertising matter.
Also available in French under title: Le journal municipal canadien.
Issues reproduced: May, 1905; December, 1908-February, 1909; April, 1909- May, 1909; September, 1909; December 1909-January 1910; May, 1910; December, 1911-January, 1912; April, 1912; January, 1913-April, 1913; June, 1913-July, 1922.
Some issues include index.
volumes : illustrations, maps, plans, portraits ; 30 cm.
Text chiefly in English, some in French.
Serials: Periodicals, Annuals and Newspapers