The Rival.

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Upper Canada College.
The Rival.
Upper Canada College -- Periodicals.
Upper Canada College -- Périodiques.
Student newspapers and periodicals -- Ontario -- Toronto.
Journaux et périodiques étudiants -- Ontario -- Toronto.
Began publication with [Vol. I, No. 6 (June 1906)]
Ceased publication with Vol. II, No. 4 (June 20, 1907)
Prepared and published by the students of Upper Canada College.
Publisher from Vol. I, No. 8 (September 26, 1906)
"The Rival was first published on April 15th, 1906 at Upper Canada College, and was printed on a neostyle. It was issued semi-monthly. The circulation was fifty copies on the neostyle and the sixth was printed with type at The Evening Telegram office. The edition from No. 6 to No. 10 was about seventy-five copies. No. 11 was a Christmas issue of 1906, and this number completed the first volume. From February-June, 1907, there were four issues printed at irregular intervals, as the June issue completed the second volume and ended the publication. The boys who were active in conducting the paper - Struan Robertson, nephew of J. Ross Robertson, and Joseph Sheard, son of Dr. Charles Sheard, left the College for the University, and no successors to their enterprise have yet been found. Perhaps some day the publication will be renewed.
Upper Canada College, Toronto, Sept. 1907."--Note bound with CaOONL copy of the periodical.
Includes advertising matter.
Issues reproduced: [June 1906]-June 20, 1907.
Issue for December 17, 1906 (Vol. I, No. 11) incorrectly numbered Vol. I, No. 10.
2 volumes : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Serials: Periodicals, Annuals and Newspapers