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Hagaga .
Nass River, B.C. : J.B. McCullagh, [1891-1906]
Aiyansh Mission.
Church of England -- Missions -- Periodicals.
Church of England -- Missions -- Périodiques.
Began pub. in 1891.$zCf. http://www.kermode.net/nisgaa/no_frames/ gosnell3.html; http://www.ubcic.bc.ca/Resources/timeline.htm.
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"Less well known than the Kamloops Wawa was the newspaper started by the Anglican missionary Rev. McCullagh, at Aiyansh on the Nass. It was initially published in Nishga. It appeared in 1891 as a cyclostyled bulletin, called Hagaga and subtitled The Indians' Own Newspaper. McCullagh translated gospels into Nishga and these apparently were part of the first good news in that newspaper but it also contained stories in English and was used to teach reading in that language. By the beginning of the twentieth century Hagaga circulation had grown sufficiently that McCullagh could round up the money to import a commercial printing press. Seven local Nishga men trained to operate the press. By that time printing was one of the trades taught in some Indian residential-industrial schools. By 1907 the bulletin had become a small newspaper of eight pages, now called Aiyansh Notes. It seems to have been printed In English. Shortly after, the question of Indian land rights was again surfacing and the Nishga apparently used the newspaper to promote their land claims, much to Rev. McCullagh's discomfort." Cf. Indians at work : an informal history of native labour in British Columbia, 1850-1930 / Rolf Knight, p. 101, found in http://www.rolfknight.ca/Indians.pdf.
Issues reproduced: [Vol. 1], no. 2 (Sept. 1, 1893); [v. 1], no. 4 (Jan. 1894)-v. 1, no. 10 (July 1894); v. 2, no. 1 (Jan. 1895)
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Description based on: No. 2 (Sept. 1, 1893)
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Text in English and the Nishga (Nis_ga'a) dialect.
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