TDR Repository Content

This page describes the content of the Canadiana Trustworthy Digital Repository (TDR) and where and how it can be accessed.


Most content within the Canadiana TDR is accessible through one or more of the web portals listed below. Furthermore, all content hosted in any of these portals is preserved in the Canadiana TDR. (Content and metadata indexed in the Canadiana Discovery Portal but hosted externally is not preserved in or part of the TDR.) Therefore, the combined content of the listed portals comprise the complete and exclusive content of the TDR.

Some content is stored dark in the repository and cannot be accessed by anyone except internally by Canadiana staff. This content falls into two categories: content which is being held and preserved by the depositor with no intent to provide general access, and content which is in the process of being further developed (for example, is awaiting the creation of descriptive metadata) before being made publicly accessible. This content fluctuates over time. A list of dark content is not available to the general public but can be produced internally by Canadiana staff.

Access to Content by Portal

The full list of a the contents of a portal can be listed by appending “/search?t=document” to the base portal URL, e.g.



Content & Depositor(s)


Early Canadiana Online

A selection of early monographs, serials and government documents deposited by Canadiana

Free public access to searching and bibliographic records. Subscriber access to digital images


Archival documents from Library and Archives Canada microfilm sources deposited by Canadiana.

Free public access to basic searching and digital images

Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources

Parliamentary journals and debates deposited by the Library of Parliament

Free public access to all resources

DFATD Digital Library

Digitized documents from and deposited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development

Free public access to all resources

Public Collections

Newspaper collections deposited by Shortgrass Library System, Mississauga Public Library, and the Friends of the South Mountain Public Library

Free public access to all resources

The Student Voice

Student newspapers deposited by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries

Free public access to all resources