The Guelph Advertiser

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Published Issue Title
1865 Vol. XX, No. 1037 (June 1, 1865)
Document Record
Title The Guelph Advertiser
Published Guelph [Ont.]: J. Wilkinson, Proprietor [1845-1873]
Identifier N_00102
Subject Guelph (Ont.)--Newspapers
Guelph (Ont.)--Journaux
Notes Ontario
Merged with: Guelph Weekly Mercury (N_00611 - AN 19417382)
Merged to become: Guelph Weekly Mercury and advertiser (N_00612 - AN 7832591)
Other edition: Daily Advertiser (N_00101 - AN 8616503)
Collection Serials: Periodicals, Annuals and Newspapers
Description "Established 1845."
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