The Canada rose : Part II

London : Joseph, Myers & Co., [185-?] (Hamburgh : C. Adler's Printing Establishment); 6 pages with full-text search [?]

Document Record
Title The Canada rose : Part II
Published London : Joseph, Myers & Co., [185-?] (Hamburgh : C. Adler's Printing Establishment)
Identifier 9_09539
Subject Canada--Pictorial works
Canada--Ouvrage illustrés
Document source Library and Archives Canada
Collection Monographs
Language English
Description 1 envelope (2 sheets) : illustrations ; 80 mm x 15 cm.
Envelope containing the "rose" and a printed sheet ([2] p.) describing it thus: "This beautiful ornament represents on the exterior a splendid full blown rose with its graceful form and incomparable tints. At first sight, the flower seems to be a flat piece of thick cardboard, but by carefully introducing the nail between the folds of paper, it will be found capable of being opened again and again, until it attains somewhat the form of a circle, which is covered on every side with beautifully executed steel-engravings of various edifices and other object of general interest [in Canada West] ... These pretty ornaments serve as excellent souvenirs of the remarkable places which they represent, and form at the same time very suitable and pleasing presents for tourists and others to carry back to their friends at home ..." Consists of a circular sheet of paper, illustrated on both sides, and folded into eighths; when folded, all that is visible is a pink rose with green leaves on both front and back; the paper has been cut to form the silhouette of a rose; when unfolded, there are 7 small illustrations and 7 larger ones on each side; the 28 illustrations are views of Canada East and West.
Title from envelope.
Illustrations are steel engravings; 20 views of Canada West and 8 views of Canada East; only 1 view of Montreal (Victoria Bridge at Montreal)
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