certified as Trustworthy Repository

July 9, 2015
Contact: William Wueppelman, Chief Information Officer - has been certified as a Trustworthy Digital Repository (TDR) through the internationally-recognized Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC) assessment program. Certification was achieved in July 2015 following rigorous audits by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), making only the second TDR based in Canada (after Scholars Portal), and the first dedicated to the preservation of digital documentary heritage.

A TDR is a preservation system in which digital content can be managed, kept secure, and retrieved over long periods of time. Since accepts content from a wide group of partners and stakeholders, this certification lays the foundation for a trusted space where Canadian memory institutions can deposit and access their digital information into the future—a big step towards a national virtual archive.


In 2012-15, the CRL performed assessments to evaluate's compliance to TRAC standards in several key areas, including organizational infrastructure, digital object management, and infrastructure and security risk management. The full audit report was released on the CRL website July 1, 2015 and crowns years of effort to establish robust preservation systems and practices that can ensure the long-term integrity and usability of the objects in our care. This includes ensuring that content continues to be accessible to users as file formats, application platforms and other technologies evolve over time.

As part of this process,’s preservation policies and commitments were made publicly available online.'s efforts in this area received major support from the 26 member institutions forming its nationwide partnership, attesting to the importance and value of a collaborative and pan-Canadian governance model.


Leslie Weir, President: "Meeting these rigorous assessment criteria for digital repositories positions as a national leader in digital preservation. Achieving a certified TDR aligns with our mission to ensure the availability of Canada’s documentary heritage resources well into the future, benefiting a society that will rely increasingly upon digital information to produce scholarship and access knowledge about itself."

Ron Walker, CEO: "I am very proud of this achievement by Canada now has a digital library that meets the highest standards for preserving documentary heritage for current and future generations. Making these records accessible on the Web and ensuring they remain accessible, into the forseeable future, is the goal of's Trustworthy Digital Repository."


• is a coalition of 26 research and memory institutions with longstanding commitments to expand the scope of digital content available for scholarly research.

• In 1999, launched the first large-scale online collection of Canadian print heritage, containing a mix of digitized microfiche and original colour scans acquired from over 237 lenders.

• The collection reaches back to Les singularitez de la France antarctique autrement nomme?e Ame?rique & de plusieurs terres & isles de?couvertes de nostre temps, is a 1558 travel narrative describing early French voyages to North America.

• In 2014, and its partners processed roughly 21 million pages, achieving the highest output of Canadian historical records ever digitized in a single year.

About is a non-profit and charitable organisation founded in 1978 to preserve Canada's print heritage and make it accessible for future generations, with a special emphasis on material that is rare, scattered or at-risk. approaches all projects on a cost-recovery basis, investing revenues into maintaining and improving Canada's digital infrastructure.

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