Trustworthy Digital Repository

The Trustworthy Digital Repository is a reliable and integrated digital preservation system in which deposited content can be identified, collected, managed, and kept secure over time. The TDR provides a permanent capability to preserve the documentary heritage digitized through projects, as well as content already digitized or born-digital, and content received from project partners.

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image Early Canadian Periodicals

Each year, adds 250,000 pages of rare materials to the Early Canadian Periodicals collection. Many of the titles and/or issues being added are completely new, having never been filmed during our Periodicals Microfilming Project in the 1990s. New materials continue to reach us from organizations across Canada as well as Great Britain and the United States, and include titles on a wide range of topics pertaining to agriculture, religion, medicine and health, and popular culture. Many of Canada's prominent early poets, novelists, scientists and great minds were first known through their works published in these titles.

image Enrichment of the Canadiana Metadata Repository and Discovery Portal maintains a repository of metadata for the digital collections made available through the Canadiana Discovery Portal. As collections grow and new organizations contribute their content, regularly adds new metadata to the Metadata Repository. is equally committed to improving the functionality of the Canadiana Discovery Portal, and as technology evolves, we are researching and implementing new features to meet the needs of our diverse user communities, including academic researchers, genealogists, amateur and professional historians, and the Canadian public.

image Newspaper Digitization

In collaboration with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and partners across the country, is accelerating its work in digitizing and preserving historic newspapers. On-site access to LAC's newspaper collection, which contains microfilm records of thousands of newspapers across Canada, allows us to keep digitization costs and processing times at a minimum. also works towards ensuring long-term preservation and online access to these digitized newspapers through the Canadiana Discovery Portal. These additional services are offered at a minimal premium to the basic digitization cost.

image Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada and the Library of Parliament have launched a five-year collaborative effort to expand online access to the Historical debates of the Parliament of Canada. This free, full-text service supports full-text searching of historical parliamentary debates in both official languages, bringing out massive amounts of new information for civic and scholarly analysis.