Portal hosting - Costs & Specifications

These Portals are based on Canadiana’s standard application platform and include all features and services provided by this platform. (Platform features may be added or changed from time to time as part of Canadiana’s regular development activities.) Canadiana will provide ongoing support and maintenance for this portal, including:

1. Changes to customizable features including banner graphics, footer text, introductory text, colour schemes and portal title, as required. Additional changes may be submitted to Canadiana up to once every 30 days.

2. Aggregate usage statistics, broken down by month, available on request up to once every 3 months. Usage statistics will be provided by email.

3. Notification of at least 2 business days of any planned service interruptions.

4. Notification in a timely manner of any unplanned service interruptions lasting more than 1 hour.

5. A maximum of 7 hours per calendar month of unplanned service interruptions (approximately 99% availability).

6. Addition or removal of access, on a temporary or permanent basis, to some or all content contained within the portal within 7 business days of notification of the content to be added or removed.

7. Technical support to the Depositor relating to features, capabilities or behaviour of the portal; performance issues; bug reports; and assistance with template changes.

Training, assistance and support to end users is not provided by Canadiana.


A one-time setup fee of --.