New Health and Medicine titles, 2013

The Health and Medicine collection explores over 100 formative years (1826-1940s) of medical thought, news, practice, research and professional development in Canada, ranging from medical textbooks and treatises to public health brochures and promotional literature. This new installment of medical monographs and periodicals provides students and scholars of Canadian medical history with unprecedented access to important primary sources. The latest titles explore a range of health care practices and concerns in Canada, embracing orthodox medicine and surgery along with home care, military medicine, and alternative medicine.

About the collection

First Aid Room, Russell Motor Car Company
First Aid Room, Russell Motor Car Company

The early history of medicine in Canada is as much the story of evolving culture and society as it is the history of medical and scientific discovery. Students of public policy, law, and related fields may wish to consult court records, hospital and university reports, and public health decrees; social scientists interested in comparative health care practice will also find the medical culture of the past well represented. Digitization is ongoing; numerous specialty works on pediatric and mental health, dentistry, public health and disease control, and veterinary practice have been selected for digitization and easy online access through Early Canadiana Online.

Select titles

• Annual calendar / McGill University, Faculty of Medicine. Montreal, 1884-92

• Annual calendar / McGill University, Faculty of Medicine. Montreal, [1897-  ]

• The Biological Review of Ontario / Biological Society of Ontario. Toronto, 1894

• Calendar of the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. Montreal, 1893-[189-]

• La Clinique / L'union médicale du Canada. Montreal, 1894-1900

• Constitution and by-laws / Ottawa Women's Canadian Club. Ottawa, 1917

• Copie du registre medical: comprenant les noms des médecins et chirurgiens qualifiés à pratiquer la médecine dans la province de Québec. Montreal, 1908

• The first Canadians in France: the chronicle of a military hospital in the war zone / F. McKelvey Bell. Toronto, 1917 

• The Good Canadian, or, Household Physician, Hamilton, Ont., [1871?-]

• The medical directory of Toronto and suburbs. Toronto, 1903

• The medical register for Upper Canada.  Toronto, 1867

• Pioneers of medicine in Nova Scotia. Halifax, N.S., 1905

• Reconstruction and the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene. Toronto, 1919

• Returned soldiers and the medical profession. Toronto, 1917

• War pensions and the care of disabled soldiers. St. John’s, Nfld, 1917