Mission and Values


To support enduring access to Canada’s digital documentary heritage for Canadians and the world.

Guiding Principles

Canada's digital documentary heritage should be as open as possible with minimum requirements for the transfer of content ownership or rights, including free and open access to public domain and public sector content;

The Canadian public should have maximum access to their digital documentary heritage within a framework of respect for copyright;

Pan-Canadian collaborations should enhance the value and accessibility of Canada’s documentary heritage;

Canada's digital documentary heritage should reflect Canada’s fundamental values of bilingualism, multiculturalism, inclusiveness, and equity.


To provide long-term preservation of and enduring access to Canada’s documentary heritage;

To promote the use of best practices, standards, policies, and processes for the digitization, dissemination, and preservation of digital content;

To provide a venue for sharing expertise, tools and capacity in the area of digitization;

To consolidate the delivery of digital heritage content in order to realize economies of scale, reduce duplication and cost, and convert content faster;

To support the widest possible access to and use of digital heritage content in Canada, through the development of a pan-Canadian portal;

To advocate and raise funds for the digitization, dissemination, and preservation of Canada’s documentary heritage.

Current Activities

Canadiana.org represents a vibrant community of memory institutions, including libraries, archives, museums, government departments, galleries, historical societies and genealogical societies, as well as like-minded individuals committed to digitizing, preserving, and providing online access to Canada's documentary heritage. Canadiana provides support for this community through a number of key services.

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