Héritage Project forms Metadata Consultations Group

February 12, 2014
Contact: Daniel Velarde - info@canadiana.ca

The Héritage project is a 10-year initiative to digitize, preserve, and make accessible online roughly 60 million pages of Canadian archival microfilm. Since these records are almost all hand-written, metadata will have to be created by transcribing key fields and in some cases complete documents. While a challenging prospect, it is also an opportunity to examine modern thinking for online discovery, in particular metadata standards and Linked Open Data.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the Héritage Metadata Consultations Group is to develop a Linked Open Data (LOD) based resource description model that will be used to describe the resources digitized as part of Héritage.

The Consultations Group will assess the metadata required for the discovery of the resources and the use/understanding of these resources: specifically, what the resource is about, the creation context of the resource (who created/donated the resource, when/where it was created), and what the resource is (its characteristics, contents, constraints on its use), using existing archival metadata standards as a starting point.

Through a series of workshops, with the members representing the various stakeholder groups, the group will build and validate a model that will be used to enable the discovery of Héritage resources through semantic web technologies.

Metadata Consultation Group Members

The following library and archive communities were invited to nominate up to two members with expertise in metadata standards and LOD models and ideally representing regional and cultural diversity:

Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN)

Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA)

Canadian Council of Archives (CCA)

Association des archivistes du Québec (AAQ)

Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)

The following distinguished scholars and archivists were selected for the Consultations Group from candidate pools nominated by the stakeholder groups:

• Anne Ward, Metadata Architect, KimberAllis Inc. (Facilitator)

• William Wueppelmann, Manager, Information Systems, Canadiana.org

• Michael Gourlie, Vice-President, ACA & Government Records Archivist, Provincial Archives of Alberta

• Katherine Timms, Information Standards Specialist, Open Data Branch, LAC

• Catelynne Sahadath, Metadata Librarian, University of Calgary      

• Nick Ruest, Digital Assets Librarian, York University

• André Gareau, Président, AAQ

• Hélène Charbonneau, directrice des Archives de Montréal, BAnQ

• Tristan Muller, directeur de la numérisation, BAnQ

• Raymond Frogner, Archivist Royal BC Museum/BC Archives, CCA

• Susan Brown, Seconded Associate Professor English & Film Studies, University of Alberta, Director of Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) (More information)

• John Simpson, Post-doctoral fellow, University of Guelph, CWRC

• Sharon Farnel, Metadata & Cataloguing Librarian, University of Alberta

• MJ Suhonos, Digital Technologies Development Librarian, Ryerson University

After the final workshop, a white paper will be presented in support of model validation throughout the library and archival community.


February 25, 2014

Workshop 1 - Resource Description Model and LOD (PDF, 10.4 MB)