Membership is a non-profit and charitable organization with a membership-based governance model. Our cooperative, pan-Canadian vision motivates us to welcome a wide range of partners and sectors in the membership and governance of the organization.


Our membership alliance represents a vibrant community of memory institutions, including public libraries, archives, research institutions, and other organizations committed to digitizing, preserving, and providing access to Canada’s documentary heritage.

Major benefits of membership include:

- Participate in a shared national vision for access to and preservation of Canadian cultural and historical assets

- Influence public policy in the area of digitization, preservation, and access

- Maximize funding potential for digital collections through the development of a common, coordinated approach to fundraising and digitization

- Gain access to digitization, preservation and access tools, technologies and methodologies

- Reduce costs and convert content faster through shared capacity and services

- Raise the profile of your organization in the area of digitization and digital collections

For more information on how to join, contact us at