MARC files for Early Canadiana Online

MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloguing) files are available for the various collections comprising Early Canadiana Online.

Early Canadian Periodicals (2006-present)

Please note that some Early Canadian Periodicals files contains titles from other projects that were not previously released in Marc format.

Serials 2015 contains 146 new serial titles

Serials 2013 contains 246 new serial titles

Serials 2012 contains 327 new serial titles

Serials 2011 contains 370 records divided as follows:

- 346 periodicals - new serial titles
- 24 government document Marc records that were not provided earlier

Serials 2009 contains 301 records divided as follows:

- 274 periodical titles
- 27 government monographs

Serials 2008 contains 370 records divided as follows:

- 307 periodical titles
- 13 monograph titles

Serials 2008-15 are also available in KBART format (note: this .txt file will not open in browser; please right-click and select "Save as.") 

Early Official Publications (2001-2006)

Government documents (8,120 titles) is the complete file of government documents, including monographs, serials and bills.

Government bills (4,099 titles) contains only bills.

Other projects

ECO pilot projects (3,153 titles) contains titles from four collections of our pre-1920 microfiche series: English Canadian Literature, History of French Canada, Native Studies, and Women's History.

Governors General (60 titles) focuses on the early Governors General of Canada, from Samuel de Champlain to the Duke of Devonshire.

Hudson Bay (157 titles) details the rich history of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Medical History (62 titles) covers all aspects of health and medicine.

Jesuit Relations (73 titles) is a 73-volume set of books, 22,500 pages, in the original Italian, Latin and French with commentary and translation into English by Reuben Thwaites (1853-1913).

Please note: some duplication exists between the ECO pilot projects, Governors General, Hudson Bay, and Government document files. These are listed below by CIHM number and file name:

15105 - Hudson_bay.mrc & all_government_documents.mrc
24032 - Ecooriginal.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
26911 - Ecooriginal.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
26912 - Ecooriginal.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
26913 - Ecooriginal.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
91942 - Ecooriginal.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
91943 - Ecooriginal.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
94127 - Hudson_bay.mrc & all_government_documents.mrc
9_01599 - All_government_documents.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
9_01600 - All_government_documents.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
9_01788 - All_government_documents.mrc & Governor_General.mrc
9_01793 - All_government_documents.mrc & Governor_General.mrc