Héritage Project tackles missing reels

November 21, 2015
Contact: info@canadiana.ca

The Héritage Project, a ten-year initiative to digitize and build online access to a vast selection of microfilm records stored at Library and Archives Canada (LAC), recently completed its first phase with 39 million images digitized in 2013-15 (including a record-setting 21 million images in 2014).

During this first phase, Canadiana.org strove to make the archival records available to the public as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, using mass digitization strategies that ensured a minimal interruption of the project workflow. As a result, several collections emerged from this first sweep incomplete, either because reels were out in circulation or otherwise unavailable at the time of scanning.

For more details on which portions of the project are (in)complete, please consult the index Héritage - Reels Online using MIKAN numbers as a reference, or contact us at info@canadiana.org for more assistance. Please note that "completion" refers only to content included in the project parameters; in many cases, LAC holds additional material that was not selected for immediate digitization. You can also check for any specific reel by entering the reel number directly into the online Search box.

As of today, some 21,187 digitized reels are available out of a projected ~22,700, and work is ongoing to tackle incomplete collections systematically by tracking down the missing reels.

With digitization virtually complete, Canadiana.org has moved on to the next phases of the project: prioritizing collections of high public interest for transcription, and investigating the possibilities of linked metadata to further enhance search and discovery.