New titles in Health and Medicine, 2014

Health and medicine periodicals, 2014
The Health and Medicine collection explores over 100 formative years (1826-1940s) of medical thought, news, practice, research and professional development in Canada, ranging from medical textbooks and treatises to public health brochures and promotional literature.

This latest installment of medical periodicals enhances access to important primary sources for students and scholars of Canadian medical history, including titles from Western Canada, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

About the collection

The early history of medicine in Canada is as much the story of evolving culture and society as it is the history of medical and scientific discovery. Students of public policy, law, and related fields may wish to consult court records, hospital and university reports, and public health decrees; social scientists interested in comparative health care practice will also find the medical culture of the past well represented.

Digitization is ongoing; numerous specialty works on pediatric and mental health, dentistry, public health and disease control, and veterinary practice have been selected for digitization and easy online access.

Select titles

• The British American Journal of Medical and Physical Science (60 issues, 1845-50)

• The Canada Lancet (22 issues, 1863-4)

• The Medical Times (26 issues, 1873)

• The Medical Missionary (1 issue, 1891) / Missionary Board of the Medical Students' Y.M.C.A.

• The Ontario Medical Journal (35 issues, 1892-95)

• The Dominion Medical Monthly (24 issues, 1893-5)

• The Dominion Medical Monthly and Ontario Medical Journal (245 issues, 1895-1916)

• The Dominion Sanitary Journal (19 issues, 1883-85) / public health policy

• The Canadian Journal of Health (1 issue, 1894)

• The Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery (170 issues, 1897-1915)

• Canadian Outdoor Life (11 issues, 1906-07) / National Sanitarium Association

• The Maritime Medical News (253 issues, 1888-1910)

• La clinique (61 issues, 1894-1990)

• La Revue générale de pharmacie et d'hygiène pratiques (2 issues, 1898) and Revue générale de médecine, de pharmacie et d'hygiène pratiques (3 issues, 1898)

• La gazette médicale de Montréal (70 issues, 1887-92)

• The Montreal Medical Journal (270 issues, 1888-1910)

• Homoeopathic Messenger (7 issues, 1895-6) / Women's Auxiliary Committee of the Montreal Homoeopathic Hospital

• The Saskatchewan Medical Journal (16 issues, 1909-10)

• The Western Canada Medical Journal (48 issues, 1907-15)

About Early Canadian Periodicals

Early Canadian Periodicals is our project to digitize all Canadian periodicals published before 1920. To ensure a high level of integrity and to support current research needs, titles are reviewed by the scholars, librarians, and archivists of our Advisory Committee.