the Fur Trade and Hudson's Bay Company
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The Beginning of the Fur Trade

Europeans Discover North America

Fashionable Furs

The Fur Trade Expands (and then slows down again)

Two Brave Adventurers

Hudson's Bay Company is Formed

Conflict and Change

Transfer of Power

Modern Challenges and Reorganization

Hudson's Bay Company Today


Henry Hudson: The Discoverer

Samuel de Champlain: Father of New France

Etienne Brule: The First Coureur de Bois

Jean Nicollet: The Peace Maker

Pierre-Esprit Radisson: Captured by the Iroquois

Pierre Esprit Radisson: A Trip to Meet the King

Médard Chouart des Groseilliers: A Brave Adventurer

Médard Chouart des Groseilliers: A Trip to Meet the King

Henry Kelsey: The Little Giant

Henry Kelsey: The First European to Reach the Prairies

Samuel Hearne: Journey to Coppermine River

Prince Rupert: The Founder of Hudson's Bay Company

Charles Bayley: Released from Jail

John, Lord Churchill: Protector of Hudson's Bay Company

James Knight: A Time for Rebuilding

George Simpson: Getting Down to Business

George Simpson: Save the Beavers

Thomas Douglas Selkirk: The Red River Settlement

Thomas Douglas Selkirk: The Fighting Intensifies

Donald A. Smith: The Last Spike

Madalaine de Verchères: Heroine of New France

Garakontie: Iroquois Peacemaker

Garakontie: Bravely Seeking a Truce

Pierre de la Vérendrye: Last of the Great French Pathfinders

Alexander Mackenzie: Explorer Extraordinaire


Preparing the Furs: Cleaning the Pelt

Preparing the Furs: Turning Fur into Fashion

History of Hudson's Bay Company Products: Point Blankets

History of Hudson's Bay Company Products: Standards of Trade

Life in the Wilderness: Work, Food and Insects

Life in the Wilderness: Canoes and York Boats

Life in the Wilderness: Snowshoes and Dog Sleds

Aboriginal Peoples: The First People

Aboriginal Peoples: Teachers and Friends

Aboriginal Peoples: Backbone of the Fur Trade

Aboriginal Peoples: The Price they Paid

Coureurs de Bois: Runners of the Woods

Coureurs de Bois: Courage and Canoes

The North West Company: Rivals for the Fur Trade

The North West Company: The Fortunes of War

King's Daughters: Wanted: Wives for the Colonists

King's Daughters: Work, Work and More Work

King's Daughters: No Time for Play

Battle of the Bay: England and France at War

Battle of the Bay: Battle in Arctic Waters

The Red River Colony: Lord Selkirk has a Plan

The Red River Colony: Life in a New Land

The Red River Colony: Hard Times

The Red River Colony: The Hard Times Continue

Battle of Seven Oaks: The Rivalry Gets Nasty

Battle of Seven Oaks: Trading Post Up in Flames

Battle of Seven Oaks: Murder Under the Trees



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