named one of Canada's Best Genealogy Websites

101 Best Websites for Genealogy

July 22, 2015

For the fourth time in five years, Family Tree Magazine has named one of the Best Canadian Genealogy Websites

Canadiana's vast online collections support research into genealogy and local history with source materials such as: voter’s lists, eulogies, directories and gazettes, biographies, civil service lists, published diaries, church magazines and pamphlets, militia lists, publications from professional and trade societies, school publications, and more. 

Four Canadian websites, including foundation member Library and Archives Canada, were recognized as places to "discover, preserve and celebrate your roots." Emphasizing Canadiana's role as a digitizer of both published and archival content, Family Tree writes:


Come here for all things Canadian genealogy. Now undertaking an ambitious newspaper digitization project, this site already serves up millions of pages from old books and magazines, parish records, passenger and shipping manifests and more.


In 2014, ongoing digitization added 1 million pages of primary-source historical content, including early monographs and periodicals, to Canadiana's research resources. The fruits of the Heritage Project, a 10-year effort to make accessible roughly 40 million archival records with a strong genealogy component, also became available online.

About is a non-profit and charitable organisation founded in 1978 to preserve Canada's print heritage and make it accessible for future generations, with a special emphasis on material that is rare, scattered or at-risk.

In 1999, Canadiana launched the first large-scale online resource of Canadian print heritage, containing a mix of digitized microfiche and original colour scans acquired from 237 lending institutions. The oldest online title, Les singularitez de la France antarctique autrement nomme?e Ame?rique & de plusieurs terres & isles de?couvertes de nostre temps, is a 1558 travel narrative describing early French voyages to North America.