Women's magazines

Women's magazines

Early magazines and periodicals are prized by scholars in the arts and social sciences as a window into all aspects of social life. As part of our project to preserve all Canadian magazines prior 1920, Canadiana.org has digitized a selection of popular women's magazines for long-term preservation on Early Canadian Online:

The Canadian Home Journal (25 issues, 1895-1901)

Canadian Home Journal (16 issues, 1910-18)

Ladies' Pictorial Weekly (18 issues, 1892)

Delineator (49 issues, 1891-1900)

The Canadian Queen (19 issues, 1890-92)

Historians, sociologists, and media scholars debate the extraordinarily ambiguous roles these publications played in women's lives and fortunes: on the one hand, giving voice to women writers; on the other, promoting domestic life, tawdry romances, and consumer goods as the natural focus of women’s ambitions.

Early Canadian Periodicals

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