Why digitize?

The records and collections held by Canada's institutions form part of the country's enduring cultural memory, and Canadian society benefits from access to its documentary heritage in many ways. These include social, scientific, economic, political and legal benefits: the documents in the Canadian corpus prove our sovereignty, define our borders, document our history, mark our social development, and celebrate our creative accomplishments.

Canadiana.org’s mission, in partnership with major memory institutions, is to preserve Canada’s corpus of early periodicals, official publications, and other historically-significant print material. Through our membership alliance, we also contribute infrastructure and expertise to digitize, host, and provide access to all types of digital assets. This helps us defray development costs, invest in ongoing access, and strengthen Canada’s digital economy.

Those who partner with us help build Canada’s digital preservation capacity, while breaking the cycle of commercial vendors charging public institutions. Canadiana rates are substantially lower than the cost of building and maintaining an in-house solution or of contracting out to a commercial vendor. As a non-profit and charitable organization, Canadiana apply all revenues to operating and improving its preservation efforts.

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