Immigration in Canadian history

Immigration is a hot and interesting topic; it captures the imagination of students and they all know something about the issue. It can also be the basis for a most interesting class. Early Canadiana Online is a valued source for this topic. See Reception and protection of female immigrants in Canada published circa 1879 or the 1860 Rapport du comité spécial auquel a été renvoyé le rapport annuel du principal agent de l’émigration, ainsi que le rapport supplémentaire de l’agent allemand à Québec (This report was used by one of our most respected historical researchers on Quebec, Yves Frenette, for his research and in his class.) It is also available in English as Report of the Select Committee to whom was referred the annual report of the chief emigration agent, and supplementary report of the German assistant at Quebec. One of the main issues investigated in this report is why there was a decline of European immigrants to Quebec. Not surprisingly, one key factor was found to be lack of appropriate information in the emigrant countries about Québec. This report has a host of information on varying aspects of the topic such as the history of immigration to Quebec prior to 1860, recommendations and suggestions of the Committee to alleviate the situation, social adjustment and statistics.

Vivienne Monty is Senior Librarian at Frost Library, York University. She is the former Head of the Government and Business Library and was also the chief editor for the creation of two specialized periodical indexes, the Monetary Times and Maclean’s Magazine.