Digital Collection Management Services

To help government libraries and other institutions preserve their records, support ongoing access, and reduce costs, Canadiana offers Digital Collection Management Services based on its dedicated systems and library staff, large-scale technical infrastructure, and online search portals. Please contact us to learn more.


Canadiana is a national non-profit organization composed of members from Canada’s major research libraries. In our mission to build Canada's digital-preservation infrastructure and to provide access to Canada's heritage, we assist Canadian government libraries and private-sector organizations wishing to create and manage digital collections, either as virtual libraries or within our wider digital repository.

The records and collections held by Canada's institutions form part of the country's enduring cultural memory, and Canadian society benefits from access to its documentary heritage in many ways. These include social, scientific, economic, political and legal benefits: the documents in the Canadian corpus prove our sovereignty, define our borders, document our history, mark our social development, and celebrate our creative accomplishments.

A Canadian solution

Canadiana contributes infrastructure and expertise to digitize, host, and provide access to Canadian collections in return for fees which help to defray our development costs, to provide ongoing access, and to strengthen Canada’s digital economy.

By working with us, libraries are building Canada’s digital preservation network and breaking the cycle of commercial vendors charging public institutions. Our rates are substantially less than the cost of building and maintaining an in-house solution or of contracting out to a commercial vendor. As a non-profit and charitable organization, Canadiana applies all revenues to operating and improving its services.


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As a centre of excellence, Canadiana builds and operates specialized and multi-purpose research databases serving academic institutions, government agencies, and Canada’s public. Our collection management practices are scalable, customizable, flexible, secure, and conform to industry standards.

Our services cover all aspects of making a library or collection accessible online to staff or to the public, including:

Full-service digitization and records management: scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), conversion to PDF or eBook standards;

Cataloging: creation of high-resolution master images (JPEG or TIFF) and searchable PDF documents, generation of metadata records, loading and indexing into a secure repository;

Metadata enhancements: pagination, article linking, genre and cross-collection tagging;

Hosting and access: setting up and configuring the digital library, converting and indexing metadata, loading and sustaining digital content; server administration, back-up and security.

Creating a Virtual Library

Specialized technical and cataloguing personnel manage the operations, maintenance and development of digital collections – content, infrastructure, and Web access. We provide:

A customized Web portal with your logo, banner, colour scheme and descriptive text;

powerful search platform supporting Booleans, filters, and complex searches;

search-engine optimization with Google and other search engines.


Fast: collections appear online and fully operational within weeks;

Cost-effective: no installation, software or training;

Flexible: we support all major bibliographic standards and treat metadata in any format;

Reliable: we provide software and hardware upgrades, ongoing maintenance and development, as well as technical support, bandwidth and data integrity.