Digitization is facilitating unprecedented access to our documentary heritage is inviting Canadians to browse its rich and distinctive collections to discover rare images, text, and other material related to the history of black Canadians. These items come from the collections of Canada's universities, libraries, archives, and museums. Until recently, much of this material would have only been available to those able to visit the often dusty shelves of rare book departments and libraries. Other items would have been packed away in storage rooms and not available to the public at all.  Digitization has completely changed this.

Canadiana Discovery Portal featured in the media

On January 16, 2011, The Canadian Press published a feature article about the Canadiana Discovery Portal. The article, written by Stephanie Levitz and reads,
“An ambitious new search engine has been launched by an alliance of digital heritage advocates designed to allow one-stop searching for centuries of Canadian history”.
It goes on to say,

Great new research tool - Index to The Maritime Medical News

Good news for those of you interested in the history of medicine or health - the Kellogg Health Sciences Library at Dalhousie University, Halifax, has created a detailed index to the Maritime Medical News.


CMR: the Canadiana Metadata Repository schema

Recent Contributions to the Canadiana Discovery Portal

Memorial University

Over the past few months has successfully obtained access to the extensive digital collections of major organizations. One is Memorial University in Newfoundland whose Digital Archives Initiative (DAI) contains significant holdings of books, maps, photographs, periodicals, video and audio. They provide a unique and fascinating insight into the importance, past and present, of Newfoundland and Labrador's history and culture.

Canadiana's submission to Industry Canada's Digital Economy Consultation

While we need to ensure new creative content industries grow and thrive we must also celebrate and preserve over 400 years of Canadian creativity and make it accessible to Canadians.

The joys of metadata normalization

The Canadiana Discovery Portal  now contains digital collections metadata from a substantial number of contributors. When Canadiana receives metadata from contributors, we normalize it as best we can and convert it into our internal Canadian Metadata Repository format (which we will be making public in the near future). It would be nice to think that we could simply write a handful of filters to convert from the most common formats (Dublin Core, MARCXML and so forth) to our own CMR format but the reality is that, even though most metadata follows one of these structural standards, the semantic content is different enough that we need contributor-specific and even collection-specific scripts.

Read about the Early Canadian Periodicals Project in Facsimile


Would you like to learn more about our Early Canadian Periodicals (ECP) project?   What it is.   How it works.  What treasures can be found in it.  Then read the latest issue of Facsimile.

Our history – Our stories / Notre histoire – Nos anecdotes

Donald Cameron, my 4th great grandfather, traveled from Scotland to Southern Ontario where Colonel Thomas Talbot was granting free land. The treacherous journey is an example of how difficult it could be to settle in Canada.

The Canadiana Discovery Portal gives researchers access to thousands of important documents and stories held by libraries throughout Canada.

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