No paywall, no privatization

Earlier this year, we embarked on a collaborative project with Library and Archives Canada to digitize the largest existing mass of Canadian archival records, enrich it with data that would hopefully encourage all sorts of new exploration and discovery, and provide enduring, free access to the digital images.

Canadian Advertising Art

Each week, we publish image sets from the newest Early Canadiana Online titles on Flickr and Facebook, platforms that support sharing, visualization, and community feedback.

Ontario Local and Family History

Ontarians are jealously proud of their local and family history, but this history remains largely inaccessible to scholar and folklorist alike, hoarded in small libraries and archives from one corner of the province to the other.

New collections coming to Canadiana

It's been some time since we shared with you future plans for our digital projects. So we are excited to be able to tell you that over the next several months Canadiana will be adding several new collections: Genealogy and Local History; the First World War, and The Cookbook collections.

Improving access to Canada's digital heritage

Digitized materials are not always easily indexed by Google and other search engines, meaning that in the past, users had to visit each individual website to find content related to their research- a very time consuming process.

New title for ECO subscribers: The Municipal World

The Municipal World (CIHM 8_06700) has the distinction of being the oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world. It is also one of only a handful of Canadian magazines that has been publishing throughout three centuries. Indeed 120 years after its inception, it is still going strong, and a perusal of some of the fascinating articles found in the 108 issues currently available on Early Canadiana Online (ECO), quickly explains its exceptional longevity.

The Literary Garland

Two popular nineteenth-century periodicals were recently added to ECO. Both serials contained a mix of poetry, fiction, essays, jokes, music scores, book reviews, news of the arts, helpful household hints and serialized novels. They were designed to appeal to the general audience.

Canadiana named one of 101 Best Genealogy Websites for 2011

Family Tree Magazine, a US based publication, has named as one of the top 101 websites for genealogy research. The magazine provides articles and guidance for amatuer genealogist on how to "discover, preserve and celebrate their roots". Although most of the websites listed are housed in the US, they have a "Canadian Cousins" section which include six Canadian websites - one of which is

Why are so many countries building 'national' digital libraries?

To stop or not to stop

The Canadiana Discovery Portal has been in operation for about a year now. Over the course of that year, we have changed the Solr index schema numerous times, experimenting to find what works best.

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