Canadiana Discovery Portal

The Canadiana Discovery Portal is your best source for Canada’s documentary heritage, providing access to a huge assortment of historical artifacts from across the country.

The Discovery Portal is a free service that enables users to search across the valuable and diverse digital collections of Canada’s libraries, museums and archives. It provides Canadians with access to a wealth of digital material such as books, journals, newspapers, government documents, photographs, maps, post cards, sheet music, audio and video files about our nation’s heritage. Whether you are looking for information about your own family genealogy or researching a specific topic in the history of Canada, the Canadiana Discovery Portal is an essential tool for your research.

Working with Canada’s memory institutions, is continually adding new content and media types to the Canadiana Discovery Portal, so check back often. The current contributors to the Portal include some of Canada’s largest libraries, archives, and museums.

Canadian Metadata Repository

The Canadian Metadata Repository is an aggregation of catalogue information (metadata) for the online collections in Canadian memory institutions. Memory institutions have contributed their metadata to Canadiana so all collections can be searched simultaneously regardless of topic, location and format of media (book, journal, newspaper, photograph, music, audio, video, maps, etc.).

Technical Information

The Canadiana Metadata Repository format (CMR) is used internally as an intermediary format for both Canadiana's own metadata and metadata supplied by contributors for use in the Canadiana Metadata Repository and the Discovery Portal.

Contributors who wish to add their metadata to the CMR are not required to submit their metadata in the CMR format, but those who wish to do so may download a copy of the XML schema and best practices documentation for more information.

To ensure that the Canadiana Discovery Portal meets the current and future needs of the various communities of users, has formed a user group to guide its technical development.

For more information about CMR or contributing your metadata to the repository, contact us.

Download the CMR 1.0 XML schema

Download CMR 1.0 documentation (PDF)