Digitization – Mass and Custom

Mass Digitization

Canadiana’s standard digitization service is based on a mass digitization approach. By digitizing your content using our standard digitization process, Canadiana keeps per-page costs low while employing a proven method that has been used to create tens of millions of pages of digital content. Canadiana’s mass digitization services are available at fixed prices and represent an economical way to produce large, high-quality digital collections from suitable source material.

To determine if your project qualifies for mass digitization, please consult our detailed Requirements and Specifications.

Custom Digitization

For clients or partners with non-standard requirements, special collections requiring more detailed and individualized attention, or who require assistance with document pre-processing or metadata creation, Canadiana offers custom digitization services. These services are available at hourly rates, both as supplements to our standard mass digitization process, and as part of a customized digitization program. Customized digitization can include:

• Digitization of oversized, fragile or other non-standard materials
• Book disbinding and other document preparation services
• Disposal of unwanted or destructable source materials
• Cataloguing and metadata creation
• Custom technical specifications, file formats and workflows
• Enhanced quality control and document repair
• Specialized hosting services and feature development
• Consulting services