Microfiche Titles

Microfiche: Individual Titles and Pricing

You can order full or partial subject sets or single titles, from the Early Canadiana Research Collection. For details on ordering the full or partial Microfiche collections, including price, contact Canadiana.org. To search for individual titles use AMICUS from Library and Archives Canada website or the York University Library catalogue.

Many libraries hold CIHM Microfiche across Canada and around the world. One near you may already have the titles you want.

To place an order, download and complete the Order request form. This form can be returned via email or fax. Upon receiving this form, we will verify your request and send you a price quote and instructions for completing the order process.

Order single titles

To order single titles, you will need to have the CIHM number, title, author and date for each item. You will also need to indicate the preferred format for each title (fiche or paper).

Microfiche Format (diazo)

CIHM Microfiche are diazo fiche, 4" x 6", and readable on any microfiche reader. Silver halide Microfiche are available on request. All Microfiche conform to ANSI and NMA standards of archival permanence.

  • Monograph $13.00 ($15.50 outside of Canada)
  • Periodical or annual issue - first $13.00 ($15.50 outside Canada)
  • other issues of same title $2.50 ($3.00 outside Canada)

Paper Format

To calculate the price for your order, you will need to know the number of microfiche frames for your document. This information is given in the Pages field of the records in the CIHM database. There are two pages per frame. (E.g. A title which is held on 30 microfiche frames would result in a 60 page paper document.) The number of frames can be also be found in the cataloguing records of the CIHM printed catalogues or computer catalogues at subscribing university research libraries.

  • Per title: $0.50/page (minimum of $30 per title)
  • $0.55/page outside of Canada (minimum of $35 per title)
  • Hardcover bindings add $15.00 per binding

Each title will be reproduced from the microfiche master of the original document. The reproduction you are ordering is made from an original printed from 95 to 350 years ago. Canadiana.org staff always attempts to film the best copy available, and uses advanced technology and strict standards in microfilming. However, the quality of the reproduction is heavily dependant upon the condition of the original publication. Brittle or damaged books or those printed on poor paper may have indistinct print.

Most photographs reproduce acceptably on microfiche but lack clarity on xerographic (printed) copies made from the microfiche. If the photographs are an important part of the publication, the microfiche option is recommended.

Titles are printed on acid-free paper. Softcover binding is available in Cerlox or Spiral: hardcover bindings (Class A Library Binding) are available at an additional cost - unless otherwise requested, the hardcover book will be bound in landscape format. With the exception of photographic material, Canadiana.org guarantees the quality of reproduction. If you are not satisfied, you may return any undamaged copies to Canadiana.org within 15 days.

The Canadiana.org invoice for CIHM products will be shipped separately. Shipping and taxes are extra. All prices and payments are in Canadian dollars.

Access to the Microfiche Collections

Records are available in MARC Bibliographic format, an electronic communications medium, for all CIHM Microfiche collections. Files for recently added titles are readily available for downloading on our FTP site.

Our bibliographic records are available on AMICUS, the national database of Library and Archives Canada. Cataloguing meets AACR II (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) standards and the records contain subject information conforming to both Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and Répertoire de vedettes-matières (RVM). Institutions holding our Microfiche have integrated our bibliographic records into their catalogues for searching.