Contributing to the Canadiana Discovery Portal

The Canadiana Discovery Portal is currently configured to receive metadata contributions from institutions such as universities, museums, libraries, art galleries and metadata aggregators at the provincial level. Future plans, however, do include providing the capability for private individuals to contribute digital information.

We want to make contributing your metadata for indexing into the Discovery Portal as easy as possible. If you have an OAI repository, simply send us a link to the repository root along with any special instructions you might have about which collections you would like us to index or ignore, or which metadata format(s) you recommend, and we will begin harvesting.

Alternatively, you can send us your metadata in whatever format you have and we will get to work on it. We prefer any standard format (MODS, MARCXML, Dublin Core) but will work with whatever you have as best we can.

The Discovery Portal will index both bibliographic metadata and full text (e.g. OCR) if you have it. If the text is separate from the bibliographic record, we may need some further coordination or discussion in order for us to be able to match the text with the appropriate metadata and page URLs.

Organizations wishing to contribute metadata to the Discovery Portal should contact us at 613 235-2628 x 231 or e-mail us at