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Quebec Curriculum Objectives

Objectives (Secondary II)
General History
The pupil should be able:
1.2 To use the means for retracing the evolution of societies.

1.2.3 To differentiate between types of documents.

5.2 To describe colonial expansion in America from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

5.2.2 To identify the social and economic consequences of European arrival in America.

Objectives (Secondary IV)
History of Quebec and Canada

The pupil should be able:
1.1 To describe the conditions which affected French exploration in America

1.1.1 To explain French exploration in America in terms of European expansion in the 15th and 16th centuries.
1.1.2 To describe the geographical features which influenced the first settlements in the St. Lawrence Valley and the Great Lakes region.

1.2 To explain the role of the fur trade in the French Empire and its influence on cultural relations between Amerindians and the French.

1.2.3 To identify the ways in which the French and Amerindians influenced each other.

2.1 To describe and explain the settlement and economic activities of the Canadian colony.

2.1.1 To identify the factors which influenced the settlement of the Canadian colony.

2.2 To describe the structure of Canadian society at the time.

2.2.3 To describe various aspects of daily life in the towns and in the country.

4.1 To explain how society in Lower Canada evolved between 1791 and 1840.

4.1.3 To describe the economic changes which took place in Lower Canada.
4.1.4 To describe the various elements of society in Lower Canada around 1840. [Includes immigration, ethnic and religious groups and social groups.]

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