The Québec Resolutions, 1864
(Also known as the Seventy-Two Resolutions)

Historical Note

These resolutions were adopted at a conference of delegates from the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. It was held at Québec City on October 10, 1864.

Document Summary:
Some important resolutions:

  • Resolution 1: The best interests of British North America lie in a union that is fair to all provinces.

  • Resolution 3: The British constitution will be the model for the constitution of the new union.

  • Resolution 17: Sets the seats in the House of Commons for each province.

  • Resolution 29: Proposes the powers of the federal government.

  • Resolution 43: Proposes the powers of the provincial governments.

  • Resolution 44: Laws from the federal government will void provincial laws if there is a conflict between the two.

  • Resolution 46: Both English and French to be used in government.

  • Resolution 48: All tax bills are to originate in the House of Commons or House of Assembly.

  • Resolution 52: The seat of the federal government will be in Ottawa.

  • Resolution 60: The federal government will assume the debts of all the provinces.

  • Resolutions 61-69: Set certain conditions and incentives for different provinces to enter the union.