Act of Union, 1840

Historical Note

This act carried through Durham's recommendations for uniting the provinces, but not for responsible government. Sections L and LI also allowed the debt of Upper Canada to be paid by revenues from Lower Canada.

Document Summary:
Some important sections:

  • Section I: Union of Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada.

  • Section XII: The areas of Upper and Lower Canada to have an equal number of seats in the newly united province.

  • Sections XXXVII-XXXIX: Lieutenant-governor and Crown have the authority to disallow bills passed by the Assembly.

  • Section XL: Lieutenant-governor to keep the powers held before the union.

  • Section XLI: All official government documents to be in English only.

  • Section XLVII: Laws to remain the same in Upper and Lower Canada "…as if the said two Provinces had not been reunited as aforesaid."

  • Sections L-LI: A consolidated revenue fund created.