Treaty of Paris, Feb 10, 1763

Historical Note

Signed by George III of Britain (referred to as his Britannick Majesty), Louis XIV of France (referred to as the Most Christian King) and Charles III of Spain. This treaty ended the Seven Years War.

Document Summary:
Some important articles:

  • Article IV: France gives up claims to Nova Scotia and Acadia, including Cape Breton. Britain agrees to allow free practice of Roman Catholic religion.

  • Article V: France has rights to fish in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

  • Article VI: Britain gives up claims to the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

  • Article VII: France gives up claims to Canada and all its territories east of the Mississippi to Great Britain, in return for the "liberty of the Catholick religion" and continued property rights.

  • Article VIII: Britain is to restore the Guadeloupe islands to France.

  • Article IX: France gives up claims to Grenada and the Grenadines.

  • Article XIX: France cedes West Louisiana to Spain in compensation for Florida, which Spain yields to Great Britain in article XX.