Articles of Capitulation, Montreal, Sept. 8, 1760 (bilingual)

Historical Note

General Amherst was the commander of the British forces at Montreal, and the Marquis de Vaudreuil commanded the French. This surrender affected all of New France and implied the surrender of the province.

Document Summary:
This document sets the terms for the surrender of Montreal. The first three articles deny the French forces the usual honours of war. Some other important articles include:

  • Article XXVII: Free exercise of Catholic religion granted.

  • Article XXX: The right of the French king to appoint the bishop was refused.

  • Article XXXVI: Canadians to keep their property.

  • Article XL: Aboriginal allies ("Indians") to remain on their lands.

  • Article XLI: French laws only to have effect if the British king wishes it so.