Indian Act, 1985

Historical Note

This bill was introduced as an amendment to the Indian Act, 1876. When passed in 1985, it officially provided Indian Status to:

  • the Métis
  • all enfranchised Aboriginals living off reserve land
  • all Aboriginal women who had lost their status by marrying a non-Aboriginal man

Document Summary:
Important Articles

Article 6: Re-defines who is an Indian under the Act.

Article 7: Re-defines who is not an Indian under the Act.

Articles 8 - 16: Deal with the administration of band lists containing names of registered Indians.

Article 17 - 36: Deal with administration of reserves, and the rights and responsibilities of each reserve in regards to land sales, road construction, etc.

Article 72: Treaty money paid by the federal government is to come out of a consolidated reserve fund.

Article 73: Allows the federal or provincial (and other) governments to set regulations it sees fit in regard to ensuring the health and safety of Aboriginals on reserves, or the protection of wildlife, etc.

Articles 74 - 80: Deal with elections of reserve band chiefs and councils.

Articles 94 - 108: Criminal Code offenses pertaining to the act. Articles 94 to 100 have been repealed.