The White Paper, 1969

Document Summary:
A government document meant to form the basis of legislation dealing with Aboriginal rights. This never became a bill, due to its unpopularity among Aboriginals. (See Red Paper).

Key Points:

  • The legislative and constitutional basis of discrimination based on the Indian Act should be removed.

  • There should be a positive recognition of Aboriginal culture and its uniqueness on Canadian life.

  • Aboriginal services should come through the same channels and government agencies used for all Canadians.

  • The furthest behind should be helped the most.

  • Lawful obligations should be recognized.

  • Land control should be transferred to the Aboriginal peoples.

  • The government is prepared to repeal the Indian Act, so Aboriginals can acquire titles to and control over Aboriginal lands.

  • The government is prepared to make funds available for Aboriginal economic development as an interim measure.

  • The government is prepared to drop the words "Indian Affairs" from the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Government responsibilities dealing with Aboriginals would be transferred to other appropriate federal departments.

  • The government is prepared to appoint a Royal Commission to consult with the Aboriginals. The commission would study and recommend adequate procedures for land claims adjudication.