The Indian Act, 1876

Document Summary:
Articles 1 - 2: Name the document as the Indian Act, 1876, and the Minister of the Interior as being responsible for Aboriginal affairs.

Article 3: Defines various terms in the act, including the word "Indian." An Indian is any male person of Indian blood reputed to belong to a particular band, any child of such person, and any woman who is or was lawfully married to such person.

Articles 4 - 10: Deal with administration of reserve land.

Articles 11 - 20: Deal with protection of reserve land from other settlers. Outlines the government's right to lumber and minerals beneath the surface.

Articles 21 - 22: Deal with special reserves, and conditions in the event of a break-up of reserves.

Articles 23 - 24: Make Aboriginals responsible for road repairs on reserves.

Articles 25 - 30: Spell out Criminal Code provisions for the illegal obtainment of reserve land, sale of alcohol and removal of resources.

Articles 31 - 69: Deal with management and sale of Indian lands.

Articles 74 - 78: Deal with the swearing in of non-Christian Indians in court under oath.

Articles 79 - 85: Deal with Criminal Code penalties for sale and consumption of intoxicants on reserve.

Articles 95 - 96: Legal clauses regarding the use of affidavits and other documentary evidence used under the Act.