The Jay Treaty, 1794 [bilingual]
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French Text

Note: French and English versions of this text are published as opposite pages. The English version is on even numbered pages, the French is on odd numbered pages. Therefore, you must forward ahead two pages each time you want to read on in order to continue reading the document in the language of your choice.

Document Summary:
Article I: Calls for peace and good relations between the United States and Britain.

Article II - III: Britain agrees to withdraw all of its troops at posts in the United States. Citizens of Britain, the U.S. and Aboriginal nations may freely travel between both countries' inland waterways, and freely trade with each other without tariffs or taxes, with some exceptions. For instance, U.S. navy ships cannot enter British North American ports.

Article IV: Calls for a land survey.

Article V - VII: Deals with land debts and compensation of damages during wars with the Aboriginals.

Article XI: British subjects owning land in the U.S. and Americans holding land in British North America can continue to do so.

Article X - XXVII: Promises for both nations to not interfere with each other's personal matters, like debt issues, trade issues or matters of war and piracy, etc.

Article XXVIII: Sets permanent time limit for the effectiveness of the first 10 articles, and a limit of 12 years for the subsequent ones.