Canadian Expeditionary Force Registers

Canadiana Expeditionary Force Registers

As Canada mobilized for the Great War, each unit of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) published a register, or Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men. These volumes listed the names, ranks, countries of birth, and dates and places of enlistment for each member of the unit, often with next of kin and address. To mark the centennial of the First World War, has begun digitizing and preserving these and other wartime records for convenient online access.


Few countries entered a major international conflict with less military preparation than Canada, which was thrust into war in August 1914 with only 3,100 men under arms. The creation of a Canadian contingent in Europe would therefore depend on an influx of volunteers drawn from the civilian population as well as the larger Canadian militia, whose structure and organization is recorded in the Quarterly Militia List of the Dominion of Canada (1899-1917).
With mobilization occurring across the country, the CEF registers capture a vast range of units as they were originally recruited and organized in Canada, often within a particular geographical region. Page one usually lists the commanding officers in order of rank; other members follow in alphabetical order. Note that many of these formations were broken up on arrival in Europe and absorbed into existing reserve units or fed piecemeal to reinforce units at the Front.

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Canadian Army Services Corps

• Railway Supply Detail C.A.S.C. (1915)

• Divisional Ammunition Park (1915)

• Second Divisional Train, C.A.S.C. (1915)

• Second Reserve Park C.A.S.C. (1915)

• 2nd Divisional Ammunition Park, C.A.S.C. (1915)

• 4th Divisional Ammunition Sub-Park (1916)

• 7, 8, 9, Depot Units of Supply, C.A.S.C. (1915)

• No. 1 Reserve Park C.A.S.C. (1917)

• Field Bakery and Field Butchery, C.A.S.C. (1915)

Canadian Field Artillery

• 1st Field Artillery Brigade (1915)

• 2nd Canadian Field Artillery Brigade (1915)

• 3rd Canadian Field Artillery Brigade and Ammunition Column  (1915)

• 4th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery (1915)

• 5th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery, 20th Battery Reinforcing Draft and 1st Reinforcing Draft (1915)

• 6th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade (1915)

• 7th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade, Reinforcing Drafts from 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Batteries (1915)

• 9h Brigade Canadian Field Artillery (1915)

• 10th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery (1915)

• 11th Brigade C.F.A., also Reinforcing Drafts from 29th and 36th Batteries (1917)

• 12th Brigade C.F.A. and Reinforcing Draft (1917)

• 14th Brigade C.F.A., also Reinforcing Drafts from 55th and 66th Batteries (1917)

• No. 1 Heavy Battery (1915)

• No. 3 Siege Battery (1917)

• No. 4 Siege Battery (1917)

• No. 5 Siege Battery and Reinforcing Draft (1917)

• No. 7 Siege Battery (1917)

• No. 9 Siege Battery (1917)

1st Canadian Division

• 1st Field Artillery Brigade (1915)

• Royal Canadian Dragoons (1915)

• 2nd Infantry Brigade Headquarters and 5th Battalion / 5th Battalion "Western Cavalry" / recruited in Brandon, Manitoba; Saskatoon, Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Red Deer, Alberta; and Merritt and Vernon, British Columbia (1915)

• 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters and 13th Battalion / 13th Battalion "Royal Highlanders of Canada" ; 14th Battalion "Royal Montreal Regiment" ; 15th Battalion "48th Highlanders of Canada" ; 16th Battalion "Canadian Scottish"  (1915)

• 1st Divisional Ammunition Column (1915)

2nd Canadian Division

• 2nd Divisional Ammunition Column (1915)

• 2nd Divisional Remount Depot, also Advance Squadron (1915)

• 2nd Divisional Engineers, 4th, 5th and 6th Field Companies (1915)

• No. 2 Tunnelling Company / Calgary, recruits from Alberta and British Columbia (1915)

• 2nd Divisional Cycling Corps (1915) [1]

• 4th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery / part of 2nd Divisional Artillery (1915)

• 6th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade / part of 2nd Divisional Artillery (1915)

3rd Canadian Division

• 3rd Divisional Ammunition Column (1916)

• 3rd Divisional Signal Company (1915)

• 3rd Divisional Cavalry Squadron (1917)

• Royal Canadian Regiment (1915)

• 116th Battalion "Ontario County" / recruited in Uxbridge, ON / part of 9th Infantry Brigade (1917)

• 3rd Divisional Canadian Engineers, 9th, 10th, & 11th Field Companies (1916)

• Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (reinforcements) (1915)

• 3rd Pioneer Battalion (formerly 48th Battalion) (1915)

• Eaton's Machine Gun Battery (1915)

• Borden's Armoured Battery / Montreal, QC (1915)

• 1st Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles / Brandon, MB (1915)

• 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th University Companies, P.P.C.L.I. Reinforcements / part of the 7th Infantry Brigade (1915)

4th Canadian Division

• 4th Divisional Ammunition Column (1917)

• 4th Divisional Signal Company (1917)