Canadian Digital Preservation Initiative is pleased to join the Canadian Digital Preservation Initiative (CDPI), a network of organizations committed to preserving long-term access to Canada’s digital resources.

The network strives for a better understanding and communication of the problems and challenges in digital preservation, and urges its members to transform challenge into opportunity — risk into reward — through collaborative action.

Embracing open cooperation at all levels, the CDPI aims to identify, discuss, and implement the global standards, best practices, strategies and technologies necessary for Canada’s emerging digital preservation backbone.

As the digital world grows exponentially, so does the challenge to preserve and ensure continuous access to our digital memory. Each new technology and each new medium or platform for creating and sharing content poses a new challenge. We estimate that over the next 20 years, the digital world will grow 44 times while capacity and resources to manage it will increase only 1.4 times.

To help Canada face these challenges, the CDPI has embraced the following principles of collaboration:

Foster a pan-Canadian collaboration within our federated environment that recognizes jurisdictional responsibilities;

Respect local imperatives and priorities;

Build on the strength of Canada’s geography and diversity, taking advantage of regional and local strengths within the network;

Work collectively and communicate effectively and regularly.

Build a network that is inclusive, open and encourages emergent leadership.

Canadiana is taking an active role in this initiative because of its direct links to our most important mission: the preservation of Canada’s documentary heritage. Success in creating digital collections and making them accessible on the Web goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that Canada’s cultural legacy is safely preserved and maintained for posterity.