Branded Portal Service


Searching and Browsing

  • Search by full text, title, creator/author names, subject or all text and metadata combined*
  • Wildcard and exact phrase searching
  • Refine search results by publication date range and document language*
  • Sort search results by relevance or publication date (ascending or descending)*
  • Refine/modify current search
  • Display bibliographic information about documents: title, creator/author, publication statement, identifiers, subjects, notes, language*
  • Full-text keyword search to find individual pages within a document*

Document Access

  • View document one page at a time using the online document viewer
  • Navigation features include next/previous page; first/last page and choose page from a drop-down list of all available page images
  • Rotate images in 90º increments
  • Zoom in/out on image: maximum on-screen viewable dimensions of 2560x2560 pixels
  • Download entire document as a single searchable PDF file for offline viewing*
  • Permanent URLs allow bookmarking or external linking to documents

User Interface

  • Fully bilingual (French/English) website
  • Language toggle from any page
  • Customizable search help/tips page for advanced users
  • Top banner and navigation bar with links to home page, language selector and help
  • Bottom footer with additional text or links

Organizational Branding Options

  • Unique web address within the Canadiana domain (e.g.**
  • Your logo/image and portal name in the banner
  • Add up to 3 custom links to the top banner (e.g. to your own web site)
  • Your text/notices in the footer
  • Your choice of colour for the banner, footer, headings and buttons

* Use of this feature requires the creation or provision to CRKN of appropriate metadata to accompany the digital content
** Subject to availability.

Pricing and Maintenance

One-time setup fee of $5,000 (includes the first year of maintenance). Annual maintenance fee of $2,000 (billed at the start of each year after the first)

Maintenance includes:

  • Changes to component text, graphics, colour scheme, name (one set of changes every 30 days)
  • Monthly usage statistics sent by email
  • Minimum 2 business day advance notification of planned outages
  • Notification of unplanned outages
  • Maximum of 7 hours of total downtime per calendar month (over 99% availability)
  • Addition or removal of access to specified documents from portal (may require up to 7 business days to complete request)
  • Technical support to client (not end users)