About Canadiana

As of April, 2018, the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and Canadiana.org have merged and are now under the leadership of CRKN. As a merged organization, CRKN will continue its core licensing activities for scholarly journal content, while expanding support for the digitization, access and preservation of Canadian heritage content through the services of Canadiana.

CRKN is in the process of wrapping up Canadiana.org as a legal entity, including cancelling its charitable status. All former Canadiana products and services, including digitization, access, and the Trustworthy Digital Repository, are now managed by CRKN.

Trustworthy Digital Repository

CRKN operates the Canadiana Trustworthy Digital Repository (TDR), a reliable and integrated digital preservation system in which deposited content can be identified, collected, managed, and kept secure over time. The TDR provides a permanent capability to preserve the documentary heritage digitized through CRKN projects, as well as content already digitized or born-digital, and content received from project partners.

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With the support of major memory institutions, CRKN identifies, catalogues, and digitizes documentary heritage—books, newspapers, periodicals, images and nationally-significant archival materials—in specialized searchable databases:

We Have Work to Do

Providing access at no charge to users is an important first step in our continued assessment and enhancement of the Canadiana collections and our preservation and access platforms. Since starting the project to reproduce early Canadian publications in 1978, and subsequently, moving to digital in 1999, we have learned a lot about institutional and historical biases that are demonstrated in curatorial approaches and descriptive metadata.

As we expand access to the content available in the Canadiana collections, we also acknowledge that we have work to do both in terms of assessing the content for appropriate rights assignment, and in decolonizing descriptions, search terms, keywords, and other classifications to ensure that they are culturally sensitive. Under the guidance of the Preservation and Access Committee, we are:

  • Reviewing digitization priorities and developing guidelines to ensure that we continue to best serve our community
  • Developing technical enhancement plans to improve user experience and access to content
  • Expanding our stakeholder community by connecting directly with the end-users of Canadiana content, archivists, researchers, historians, and interested Canadians

We are committed to transparency throughout this process and welcome questions and feedback.

To contact us about the content in the Canadiana collections, including the identification of items that are culturally insensitive or inappropriate, please send an email to: info@canadiana.ca.

Developing Sustainability

Despite the removal of the subscription paywall and user, there continue to be costs associated with the maintenance and development of the Canadiana collections. Ongoing costs and support for Canadiana collections comes from CRKN members who have made a three-year commitment to fund the development of the collections and platform. Ensuring long-term sustainability for the Canadiana collections as well as the access and preservation platforms is a priority of the CRKN Board of Directors and will be a critical objective of CRKN’s next strategic plan (2019 to 2024), which is currently under development.