First World War Government Publications

The First World War Press publicity for Canada’s Victory Loan, 1918 and Plan and organization of press publicity for Canada’s victory loan, 1919 are two primary-source titles recently added to Government Publications in Early Canadiana Online. These were the blueprint for a federal advertising and propaganda campaign in 1918-9 that smothered Canadian newsmedia with ads inciting Canadians to invest as much as possible in the war effort.


Forced by the saturation of British money markets to find new sources of capital to finance its war effort, the federal government promoted a series of annual domestic loans whose enrollment reached 88% of Canadians in 1918. Preaching an ethic of patriotism, self-denial and thrift, these "Victory Loans" raised capital to meet war expenditures and also to prop up Canada’s export market by advancing funds to Allied countries for the purchase of Canadian raw materials.

This nationwide advertising campaign was accompanied by a set of directives issued to newspaper and magazine editors, encouraging them to write positively and prominently about the Victory Loan initiative -- a striking early example of state propaganda and mass persuasion in Canada.



Library and Archives Canada

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